Thursday, February 19, 2015

Custom Name Stained Glass Mosaic

Custom name stained glass mosaics are a great are something fairly new that I've started doing. They make a wonderful gift. The picture shown was one I was asked to do just before Christmas.  They look great in a window or on a wall.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Afterloon Delight Art Show in Minocqua WI

Set up at the Afterloon Delight Art and Craft show in Minocqua WI, August 2014.

SOLD CUSTOM Stained Glass Mosaic Firefighter Axes

This stained glass mosaic of fireman's axes was done as a custom piece for one of Saint Germain WI heroes. The smoke colored glass set off the axes very nicely.

Stained Glass Mosaic Firemans Axes

Stained glass axes for the firefighter. 
This piece is done on a 5 x 7 frame but other sizes can be created.

Stained Glass Mosaic Turtle

My first turtle mosaic. This is a very small 4 x 5 picture frame with a stained glass mosaic turtle, blue sea glass and pieces of coral.  Inspired by my friends grandson Robert who Love's turtles and all things in nature.

Custom Order SOLD Goddess Stained Glass Mosaic

My first custom order piece. I was asked to create a Goddess in purple.  
I so enjoyed doing this piece. 

Sold Starburst Stained Glass Mosaic

Sold abstract stained glass mosaic starburst on repurposed picture frame.  
The center is a dichroic glass cabachon.

SOLD Stained Glass Rose Mosaic

Sold stained glass mosaic rose on repurposed picture frame.
My daughter in law said this piece piece reminded her of the rose in Beauty and the beast.

SOLD Picture Frame Mosaic

First mosaic piece I sold.  Center piece is a re purposed glass pendant.

Patchwork Stained Glass Mosaic On Vintage Window

For two years I have been meaning to do at least one patchwork mosaic. I finally started a few days ago and finished tonight.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
i learned a valuable lesson doing this piece. It would have been much easier had I cut all the pieces the same size. I'm sure it's a rule or something but I'm not very good at following the rules. That seems a lot like coloring inside the lines and I'm not the greatest at that either. ;-)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Mosaic on a Repurposed Window

One of the art shows I did last summer was in Door county WI.  An area very well known for its cherry orchards.  This piece was inspired by my all to brief trip there. I'm very much looking forward to going back this summer and hoping this time to be able to stay a bit longer. 
If you've not been to door county it should go on your list of places close to home to visit and if you get the chance you should go the last Saturday in July or Sept. The Settlement shops in Fish Creek have a wonderful art show and you can stroll the shops while your there. Don't forget to have a slice of pie while you're there. :-)  BTW, the strolling violinist does an amazing job of setting the tone for the day.  If you are an artist I get in touch with me and I'll get you Barbara's info to be in the show. Without a doubt one of the sweetest show promoters I've had the pleasure of working with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SOLD Moon Over Chetek Stained Glass Mosaic

This is my all time favorite stained glass mosaic creation. Not only does the sun look beautiful coming through the blues but every time I think of it I'm back in Chetek WI watching the moon over the lake. Chetek is one of those small tourist towns with big personality and charm that you can't help but fall in love with.  Put it on your bucket list!!! If you need advice on where to stay I know the perfect spot. 
One full moon night I was in my creation room, pretending to work. Really my mind was on some of my favorite spots in Wisconsin. I just started playing with the glass and this piece developed before my eyes. It really did create itself. When I finished I stood back and just stared at it. Honestly I couldn't believe my eyes. The glass forever captured the moon over the lake in ways I'd not thought possible. I take no credit for this piece, I don't know how but it created itself and forever changed how I felt about doing mosaics in glass. I was smitten. To fall in love with what you do is an amazing feeling!

Swirl Stained Glass Mosaic on Window

Abstract stained glass mosaic on a vintage window.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Simple Flower Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Many of the mosaics I do have flowers. i garden so my passion for flowers borders on an obsession.  My goal is to have a beautiful flower garden I can see from every window in my house. since my mosaics are often hung inside in front of a window I like to leave them open enough to see outside. I also love seeing the stained glass flowers in the midst of winter. It reminds me if I wait just a bit more the real ones will join my glass creations. With that in mind I often create windows that create a garden view. Some are simple such as this piece. I can imagine a trellis near the window with vines and flowers that became a bit unruly and started growing around and above my windows. 
My flowers tend to get out of control like this. I have archways in my gardens that no matter how often I fuss with them they just have a mind of there own. I planted Clematis Next to my kitchen window. I'm hoping this is the year it starts trying to wander over the window a bit.It may even get a little help. ;-)
These simple pieces can add so much to your view year round. In the winter I love hanging a piece like this above my kitchen sink. The rough time worn window frames have so many stories to tell. Add to that the splashes of color from the flowers that whisper to me about the flowers the spring will bring and I can't help but smile. Even when it's 40 below outside. Seeing the sun shine through the stained glass leaving color patterns around the room makes even a cold winer day feel warmer. :-)

Plate Flower Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Dragonfly Trees and Flowers Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Flowers and Butterflies Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Tree Dragonfly Flower Stained Glass Mosaic Window

SOLD Hummingbird and Plate Flower Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Butterflies and Flowers Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Hummingbird and Flower Stained Glass Mosaic

Grapes and Flowers Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Live Laugh Love Dream Mosaic Window

Pine Tree Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Plate Stained Glass Dragonfly Mosaic Window

Live Laugh Love Stained Glass Mosaic

Live Laugh Love Dream Mosaic Window

Pink Ribbon Hope Mosaic Stained Glass Window

Cat Tails with Dragonflies Stained Glass Mosaic Window